Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! • SantaGram's platform is on vacation until the 2023 holiday season.
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The modern Dear Santa letter

Send a video message and digital wishlist to Santa 🎅 and family – free!

Join the 7 million+ kids around the globe

Out of the 526 million children that celebrate Christmas across 160+ countries, more than seven million contact Santa to share their wishes. 
Join them with SantaGram!
Its easy

Wish. List. Share.

Writing a letter to Santa dates back over 150 years – jolly Saint Nick is ready for the digital age. SantaGram's Christmas wishlist platform is a modern take on this tradition by combining a video-based letter to Santa with a sharable digital wishlist.
1. Record a wish
Ask your little one if they would like to send a message to Santa, grab your phone or turn on your webcam and start recording.
Upload video to start

2. Add items to wishlist

Sit down with your little one and let them pick items to add to their digital wishlist by browsing suggested gifts or searching for products from Santa’s Workshop and millions of sellers from popular retailers.

3. Share far and wide

Send your kids’ gift wishlist link to their aunts, uncles, grandparents, family friends, or any other "Santas" in their life – making it easier to buy the perfect gift.
And don’t worry, all wishlists are synced with the North Pole automatically.

Save the trees

Santa's wish this year is to get your "Dear Santa" letter as a video message through SantaGram to help reduce the use of paper and impact on the environment – saving a potential 1,400 trees per year.
Over 7 million letters are written to Santa from all over the world each year.️ ✍ 
Now that’s a lot of paper.

Frequently asked questions

What is SantaGram?
SantaGram allows parents and their little ones to upload a video message for Santa, create and share a digital gift wishlist with all the other "Santas" in their life, and even request a personalized video message from good old St. Nick himself. 

SantaGram modernizes a Christmas tradition that is over 150 years old by combining a video-based letter to Santa and a sharable digital Christmas wishlist.

In short, is the Dear Santa letter for the Digital Age.
How can I send Santa a video message?
It is now super easy to send a video-based "Dear Santa" letter to Santa – just record a video and upload it at This video is paired with a digital wishlist that you can share with all the "Santas" in your life.
Do I need to upload a video message to make a wishlist?
You are not required to upload a video message to Santa to create a wishlist. Instead, when signing up, click on "Skip for now" (below the Upload video button) – this will let you start creating your wishlist profile to add wishlist items (without a video).
Is SantaGram free?
Yes, SantaGram's core features, which include a "video to Santa" and "digital wishlist," are 100% FREE.  – SantaGram may provide premium offerings, such as receiving a personalized message from Santa for your little one at a small cost, but this and any other premium offers are completely optional.
How private and secure are the videos and wishlists I create?
SantaGram wishlists and their paired videos to Santa are public and accessible to only those with who you share their unique link. 
How do I add gift wish items to my wishlist?
After creating a wishlist, click on "Add wishes" and search for any item you wish (available from our affiliates), or click/tap on "Write in wish" to add a gift wish manually.
How can more than one person manage a single wishlist?  
Our initial launch of SantaGram does not allow two separate accounts to manage the same wishlists. – In the short term, we recommend signing up with one account (manually, and not with Google or Facebook), and then share that SantaGram account email and password between those who wish to help manage wishlists together.

In a future release we hope to add an option to add collaborators.
How do I share a wishlist with family and friends?
After adding items to your or your little one's wishlists, simply:
1. Click or tap on "Share
2. Copy the wishlist link
3. Paste it into any messaging platform of choice – email, text message, Facebook messenger, etc.
Should I expect to have my wishlist items fulfilled/purchased by SantaGram (the company) directly?
No, SantaGram does not purchase gifts for anyone and will not send any gifts to its user base. – To have your wishlist items fulfilled, we suggest sharing your wishlist link with your family and friends.
“Ho ho ho! I’m so excited to see your video message and wishlist via SantaGram!”
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Get a video FROM Santa too!

Add even more magic for your little one this holiday season by ordering a personalized video message from Santa himself that you customize with your own script.
Limit one per wishlist
Purchases contribute to our donation pledge
Video from Santa with SantaGramYoung girl excited while watching her video from Santa on

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